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We offer this Free Classified Ad Center as a service to our Web site visitors interested
in Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic Apparatus used in industrial, commercial
and utility applications.

Commercial advertisements are welcome including:

Equipment to Buy,
Equipment to Sell,
Job Seeking,
Job Opportunity,

and other commercial transactions related to the interests of our intended users.

MLM, "Get rich quick," and other unrelated solicitation messages will be removed.

To submit a Classified Ad, go to the bottom of the List of Messages and click on "Enter A Message."

To remove messages, e-mail your request to us. Ads will be removed automatically after 90 days unless renewed.

You are also invited to join the ElecMech mailing list.

This free e-mail listserver welcomes technical, engineering, application, management, financial and other business related questions and comments. Announcements regarding new products, technical seminars, related web sites and other quasi-advertising material are welcome as long as they are pertinent.

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If you have suggestions to improve this Classified Ad service, please e-mail us.